Freelance Training - 

60 minutes

Trainer will travel to you, in the safety of your own barn/ring/field. Work through various training or behavioral concerns.

Offered by appointment only

$150 plus mileage (after 10 miles)

Free-lance Instruction -  

60 minutes

Trainer travels to your farm and together create and implement a plan to further your skills in the ring and out of the ring with horse care.  

Offered by appointment only

$150 plus mileage (after 10 miles)

Trailer in - 

60/90 minutes

Trailer your horse in for lessons of any kind.

Offered by appointment only

$125/60 mins

$150/90 mins

Show Coach - 

Trainer will attend show with client and prepare them for their class and coach them ring side.

Offered by appointment only 

$150 (single client)

$125 (more than two clients)

Travel and lodging to be split among clients.