Join our 2021/2022 IEA Team


Mizzitraining LLC Equestrian Team

No need to own a horse for this one!
- Open to grades 4-12
-Two teams - Middle School and High School


During the school year Mizzi Training's IEA team travels to various IEA shows. IEA uses the random "draw" method to show a horse or pony. Scholarships are available and scouts are looking for you at the national level to join their college teams! 
In Spring 2021, three of our riders showed at both English and Western IEA Nationals!

Mizzi Training IEA Team FAQ:
-Riders must commit to 2 shows per year
-IEA team riders must lesson weekly with Michelle.
-Mizzi Training offers a Western and English Team

- Western focuses on Horsemanship, Reining, and Ranch Riding
- English focuses on flat and over fences Hunt Seat Equitation

-There must be at least 3 competing riders in each section to qualify as a team.
- Mizzi Training rides in IEA Zone 11, Region 7
-Riders advance to post-season competition based on individual points accumulated. 18 points for English. 15 points for Western.
-Rider and team points can be found at:
-Entry fees per show are around $40
-Coaching fees per show - $80

English Apparel Needed:
 An approved and well-fitting helmet
Tan britches (or jodhpurs)
Field or Paddock Boots (garters, if wearing paddock boots)
Boot Polish
White show shirt with collar
Navy show jacket
Black gloves
Hair nets and bobby pins

Western Apparel Needed:
 An approved and well-fitting helmet
Western Show Shirt

Western Boots
Hair Net

A Typical Show Day:
IEA shows typically begin around 7:30am with a horse warm up and course walk. High School riders and over fence classes typically show first with Middle School following.
Coaches are provided with horse descriptions and selected draws for each rider.
Riders should be fully dressed and ready several classes before their own. This gives ample time to watch the horses (especially your draw), strategize ahead of the ride and prepare.
When your class is ready to show all horses are tacked and provided to each rider by a handler. Riders should thank the handler and pat the horse after their ride! 

Show day is FUN - it's a great time to spend with your fellow riders and team! Enjoy the ride!

For more information on classes, points and IEA rules visit


Contact Michelle for additional information and/or to join her teams!