​Applied Practical Horsemanship





​Applied- to put into use​​

Practical- serving an actual use or purpose

Horsemanship- skill in, or the art of, riding, managing, or training horses

In training horses I look at the whole package from horse selection and suitability to the management of each horse. My philosophy is a whole-horse perspective. Whether you want to show your pleasure mount or trail ride the training has to be comprehensive, systematic and straight forward. In training and studying Natural Horsemanship, Western and English as well as the Dressage disciplines, there are key elements across the board and can be applied to every horse's training.

Key Elements:

  • How to Select a Suitable Mount 

  • Testing for Training Ability and Athletic Ability in the Young Horse

  • Leadership and Successful Training

  • Basic Training:  Basics are essential in taking your horse in any direction

  • Exercises that Translate from Ground Work to Under Saddle Work

  • Riding is a combination of Timing, Balance and Feel

"Horses are so forgiving." Tom Dorrance